Remember When (by T. Torrest)


What’s not to love when it has such a pretty cover! I started the book and of course cursing myself the next day when I only had 3 hours to sleep. Its just one of those book, once you start.. you just cant put down.

Now before I tell you what I think of the book lets share the good stuff first.

Imagine a famous actor actually sat behind you during high school. Wait,.. not just a famous actor but a HOT looking one with a great bod. (now.. that would be a dream!)

But thats pretty much what the book is all about.

Meet Trip Wiley aka Trip Wilmington on his first day at school.


“Everyone calls me Trip”

ah.. ok.. maybe he didn’t wear THAT!! but you get what I mean.

Actually.. I was thinking of Leonardo Dicaprio especially with long hair on the front, short enough at the back thing.. plus the whole Romeo and Juliet stuff.. but hey.. Young Leo just dont have a good muscle back then and Trip suppose to have killer bod. so hahahah.. so sorry for the sub. (hey.. he’s not bad!!)


“Baby, that’s half the reason I’m applying here. You need me”


Who’s going to play in the movie version of my life story (Alyssa Milano, Maybe?)

 – Sure! why not?!

Layla grew up among boys until Lisa moved in the neighborhood.  Now, I don’t know about you but I love the heroine of the book a bit tough and tomboy (ok.. FINE!! I can relate to her well.. let just  leave it at that)

So the story took you back to the 80s during high school time so you can expect a little bit of trip down the memory lane. Let me refresh your memory a bit with this.

Are you laughing now? LOL

Like I said, you can hardly put the book down once you start, and judging from most of the review, this book also the stole lots of beauty sleep of others (certainly glad Im not the only one. If i was.. then I think I have a problem. If Im just one of many.. I guess its the Author’s problem. She’s good!!)



Ok then! Enough drooling over Trip (don’t trip yourself) haha..

Its a nice realistic love story that brings you back straight to high school and you just have to read it to know what I mean.

The story’s sequel is due to come out in June (I hope earlier) and its also now available on paperback (The cover is even prettier.. in PINK).

What do I think overall? I like it enough to search for these pics and write this review.. so what do you think? of course its good. Its not over the top and just one thing Im boiling over is the fact that it took them long enough to figure things out. But then again, in high school most of us do that.

The sequel will be years later when they met again. Yes.. yes.. he’s an A list movie star. I read the teasers and its truly a tease.. Gah! I’m definitely 1-click away in June as soon as the book live on Amazon.

hmmm ratings?

I’d give 4 stars (****)  – if Trip sat behind me in high school then maybe I would bump it up to 5 stars. Too bad he didn’t.