China, North Korea and Vietnam

One bored afternoon at work, I began looking up about North Korea. The life in North Korea always intrigue me. Google’s boss’ daughter got a chance to follow his dad in his visit to North Korea and write up his experience here. I think it illustrates  how bizarre life is over there.

Another thing that intrigue me is the North Korean defectors, people who managed to escape North Korea by crossing border to China and the journey they took to eventually arrive in South Korea where they’re re-educated and given money so they can integrate with South Korean’s society. I imagine the big shock they’re in since most of them would have been brainwashed since birth that the world beyond North Korea is a bad bad world. A little bit like that movie ‘The Island‘ which happens to be one of my favourite movie. So I guess North Korea is The Island in real life.

So this morning I was talking about it with my husband who’s from Vietnam. He said that China will send the defectors back to North Korea if they’re caught as China is North Korea’s biggest ally. I told him that these people who didn’t get caught in China usually then escape to Thailand where they surrender themselves to police which would earn them free ticket to South Korea (the ultimate destination) as according to the law they’re illegal and the government will ‘deport’ them to South Korea. Mission accomplished!

Anyway, I also read that some of them went to Vietnam and was then airlifted to South Korea. The funny bit is, since Vietnam is a communist country, just like China and technically North Korea, Vietnam isn’t supposed to help these defectors but they did although they refused to admit it. According to South Korean government, these people were airlifted from an ‘unidentified South East Asian Country’. Vietnam blatantly denied that it was them who did it and even went into all the trouble to deport some south korean individuals in vietnam who helped the north koreans.

I find the relationship between China, North Korea, and Vietnam is rather cute. China is like the strict Big Daddy, North Korea is the mean older sibling, and Vietnam is the nice younger one. The young sibling knows how mean his big brother is but since they’re one family, the little brother couldn’t say anything bad about the older one so he does things behind everyone’s back to rescue people from the mean brother and then pretend as if nothing happened to save the family ‘face’ and to not anger his brother and father. He even went into the trouble of pretending to be ‘mean’ to those going against his big brother to cover his ‘good deed’ trail.

I wish I can draw comic, this will make a good comic.