What makes a favourite song

This is Dee.

I’m quite musically challenge. I don’t play musical instrument. I did learn piano but my teacher gave up on me.

Therefore I don’t know how to appreciate music properly. I don’t know how to listen to classical music or any other complicated music like jazz or rock. When I read music or song reviews, I feel like a┬ákindergarten┬ástudent trying to read a PhD thesis. It’s beyond my comprehension ability.

A little confession: when a certain someone (read: L) emails me about this song fits this part of this story, or that she likes this or that genre of song…or she likes this song because it’s *insert some musical jargon here*, I usually have this blank look on my face O_O followed by muttering ‘gotta google that’. When I finally hit reply button, I’m usually faced with a blank email for about five minutes and then decided maybe she won’t notice if I don’t reply.

It doesn’t however stop me from listening to songs but for a song to make it to my favourite list, it usually meets a certain criteria.

1. It has to make me happy.

I don’t like feeling any other than happy. I like feeling like I want to get up and dance. I don’t like feeling sad or angry. When I’m sad I want to be cheered up by listening to songs, not being made sadder.

2. It usually has catchy chorus.

I want nobody nobody but chu!
Totally preschool taste. Yes, I like twinkle twinkle little star, rain rain come again another day, five little ducks, and so on. The reason I get along well musically with my 2 yo. Should see us singing Thomas & Friends theme song the other day.

Me: Thomas
Him: the cheeky one!
Me: James
Him: lots of fun!
Me: Percy
Him: *mumbles* on time!
Me: Gordon
Him: down the line!
Me: Emily
Him: know stuffs!
Me: Henry
Him: *mumbles* puff!
Me: Edward
Him: help and share!
Me: Toby
Him: is SQUARE! *big grin*

Hmm, sound a bit like oral test now that I think about it. Anyway, moving on.

3. It’s usually easy to hum along.

You know those songs that get stuck in your head? I usually like those type songs!
Oppa Gangnam style!! Hey sexy lady…dum dum dum
Stuck in your head? Sorry.

4. It must be easy to remember.

Those songs which tune you can remember straightaway when you hear the song title or someone mention something related to the song.
“Like this yo like this!”

5. It must not have annoying lyrics

This is why I like to listen to songs in the language I don’t understand. I find lyrics distract from the music.
Often a song has great tune but because you understand the lyrics and it doesn’t suit you, it can get annoying after awhile.
“IfyouseekAmy…” Great tune, great beat, catchy, but I’m not comfortable singing or listening to that song around my child, knowing what it actually means.

Well, that’s me! What about you? What defines a favourite song to you?