‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ movie review

I watched this movie today and tonight as I was browsing around I stumbled across its review at imdb. I was surprised it was rated so low and had bad reviews because I love love it!

Then after reading a few reviews, I realise, yes, you do need to be a mom to appreciate this movie which is really a small demographic as most moms of young kids don’t usually have the time to sit down for a cup of tea let alone watch an hour and a half movie. Usually when you have that hour and half you would rather sleep or take a shower or eat without someone climbing on your lap.

I love this movie as I can relate at so many levels. I cried and smiled at the same time as the lead mother.

Although my life isn’t nearly as hectic as Kate in the movie, a lot of elements are similar, mainly the guilt of leaving your child to go to work. I bawled my eyes out when she had to say goodbye to her kids. I feel the same way whenever I drop my son at childcare. I’ve recently gone through an internal battle of guilt when I went back to work for longer hours than last year and when I gave up the babysitter for 4 days of childcare. I was consumed with guilt, I felt like the most selfish person. The guilt has not completely gone away, I don’t think it ever will, but I’ve accepted that this is the best arrangement I can do right now and I’m committed to make up for the lost times by spending more quality times with him whenever I can.

Another thing I can relate is the whole constantly making a list thing. I have this invisible list in my head, I will always be mentally listing my meal plans, activities with my sons, doctor appointments, classes, shopping list, which toys to fix, which clothes to wear, what present to buy, drafting emails in my head, etc etc.

I thankfully has none of those competitive moms ‘friends’ but I’m often competitive with myself. I want to do the best and give the best for my son but often I can’t and it leaves me frustrated. I don’t think there are many of those ‘perfect moms’ portrayed in the movie in reality, but really it’s the inner demon of every mothers out there. You always feel that you’re never good enough.

The overly comfortable babysitter who thinks she has the best job in the world. Been there done that. It’ll be in another post.

Working in a male dominated field, that’s me. Although thankfully I have awesome boss and workmates. None of those jealous bitchy type of guys. Wish I have an assistant like Momo though! I thought she was cool.

The near miss affair with someone you closely work with isn’t me but I can understand why and how it can happen. Another post on that later.

The life always rush rush, never sits down and have 5 mins talk, never having sex, never goes on holiday together…that’s how it is in this house. Although the crazy workaholic isn’t me. It’s the other half.

Seriously, this movie is an exaggerated version of my life and many other mothers out there who’re juggling many things at once.

It makes me realise that despite no matter how crazy life gets, you must always spare a moment to be with your family as life is meaningless without them. It doesn’t matter how successful you are or how much money you have, if at the end of the day you come home to a family that’s falling apart, it’s just not worth it.

It’s one of those movies that makes you rethink how you look at life. It’s presented in an exaggerated and comedic way that it entertains and makes you laugh at the irony of being a mother.

Five stars from me. I can’t fault it!

Okay, I’m back after reading more reviews and it’s saddening that a lot of comments on the reviews turned into mommy wars and a lot of judging. I don’t think this movie is trying to portray working mom as the superior or inferior one. It’s just portraying the irony of life, and in this case, the life of a mom who works like crazy. It’s a movie, it’s meant to be exaggerated. It doesn’t claim to be a true story. Come on, really, I haven’t met a single stay home mom who goes to the gym from 9 to 2pm. It’s just a representative of the inner desire. Sure, we all want to be fit and look gorgeous all the time but none of us have the time to go to the gym 9 to 2, be it working or not working, mom or not mom.

I haven’t so far read any positive review of this movie. It’s sad! I thought Sarah Jessica Parker did a good job.