Peppa Pig: toddler’s guide to life?

I read somewhere, Peppa Pig is crack for kids. I can understand that. My master 2 yo is totally addicted. I told someone today, Peppa is his girlfriend. Everyday is Peppa this and Peppa that. Eat spaghetti like Peppa, want goldfish like Peppa, sit on the train like Peppa, ride bike like Peppa, play doctor like Peppa, play hide n see like Peppa, go to playground like Peppa, even his toothbrush features pink Peppa. He refuses to use the blue George toothbrush. He’s also such a faithful boyfriend. He will not watch any other pig. Not even Olivia.

You should see his face lights up whenever I say he can watch Peppa Pig. Even in his darkest mood he would give me a toothy smile.

Peppa Pig, what is your secret?