Fighting for Flight (by JB Salsbury)


“You’re like that single wild flower that grows from the crack in the pavement; miraculous growth with no water source or fertile soil..”

Bought this book thanks to Aesta blog book as she had it on to-read list.

First impression, I thought the book would be quite serious and heavy and have no idea what to expect. I’m not into MMA and was quite hesitated to pick up this one. But boy! I’m glad I did.

I was hooked from the first page and cursed my self for starting it so late in the night knowing I wont be sleeping till dawn (again!!). I was kinda hoping the book would be boring so I can have something to read and can put them down after few page (I know! its weird!)

With a great lead, who can put the book down after all?


Yup! Jonah “The Assassin” was a total alpha male

Then meets Raven who wears Victoria Secrets lingerie but knows her way around cars too damn well.


Of course its a love story!

Now, without giving away too much (you just have to read it for yourself!), its not a trilogy, sequel or whatever that will make you wait for months before the next book available (yipeee!!), happy ending and it has everything you wanted in a book. The laugh, the suspense (oh yeah.. there is!), the drama (hmm..), the sexy bits (not overkill.. just enough to enjoy and not roll your eyes).

But most importantly I enjoyed this book not just because of the hot guy, the dual POV and the cool chick but it has the ‘dont judge the book by its cover’ concept. A tough looking guy such as Jonah could have the biggest heart of all while an ugly sinful past of Raven doesn’t mean she’s not pure.

I’d give this book a 5 star ratings!