Drama queens

My phone indicated there’s an incoming text message and I ignored it knowing my hands full with the two boys and whoever that is, surely its not urgent or they would have called.

Now..  I don’t know about you but was there a rule somewhere written that a text message needs to be address ASAP? Because, I for one wasn’t aware of such rule.

After everything, I finally made my way towards the charging phone and to my surprised had few text messages that makes me wonder if I had turned the other way and commit myself to another relationship with a clingy girlfriend.

To be fair she was asking me if I had a car and if I can drive it last night. It came when I had to put the boys to sleep and I thought nothing of it. We sort of make plan to see each other next week anyway. So I thought, i just reply her tomorrow and well.. haven’t really got around to it and ok..  ok.. I admit it! I forgot about it!

So today, she probably been waiting for it (really.. if she needs answer so badly.. just pick up the phone and call me. Its not like the phone call would cost her THAT much). Wait?…  am I wrong?

This is how the text goes:

20:35 – no answer? dun worry, I wont ask you for a ride

20:35 – or any help w/car.

20:35 – just happened to have tickets for science show so asked you whether u have a ride. but tickets taken already

20:36 – by my friend, Adly. Have a good weekend.

I read it over and over and reminded myself this is why I wasn’t the type to have many girl friends over high school.

There’s just too many drama and hidden feelings that I had to deal with and most of the time I was oblivious to it and enough to make them go all psycho on me when I had no idea why.

Drama queen

Don’t get me wrong…  even as I typed this out I knew she might just being polite and explaining her story but.. ha ha.. TRUST me.. I don’t think thats the case. Its not the first time she practically pissed off because I ‘forgot’ to reply her text message when silly ol’ me and my air head thought the conversation was well ended. Apparently she didn’t so.

Normally I would just laugh it off and of course think nothing more to it and put it down as she’s just being funny and all. But then before the year end last year she took off without a word like a mystery. Puff!!! disappeared!! As if she was on some secret mission and went back to her home country. Her phone was disconnected, she didn’t reply her emails to everyone who was wondering what happened (Err… we attend the same Play Group) and everyone was quite worry for her since she just avoid any contact with anyone.

Then this year, she came back so I called without answer. I thought.. thats very normal. Not everyone attached to their phone 24/7 and think nothing of it. (Its another whole story if my hubby didn’t pick up his phone at 3rd ring. There would be drama for sure. But lets stick to the drama queen)

Anyway.. whatever it was, she was sure avoiding me and only when one of our mutual friend told her that I was asking for her she called me and made up some story about losing all the contacts and had to call the phone company to ask for my number.


I wasn’t even looking for an explanation at all. I was just curious she treated as a secret mission. But truth is, whatever people do is really none of anyone’s business and doesn’t always require justification. I can totally respect that but to go about some bullshit-lame excuses its kinda over the top for me. In her words “… so I called the phone company and asked them to tell me the number that I sent the most text to last year and thats how I got your number back”


Err… what about telling me she got my number from one of the mom at the Play Group. Now that’s more believable!

It reminded me of this girl I used to know who made up too many lies, its hard for her to keep track on  her own story. At the end.. I really felt sorry for her. She was such a pretty girl with good nature minus her lies and its really sad to see that she felt the need to made up stories to get others to like her. Its really sad. She’s perfectly fine the way she was and doesn’t need the whole drama and series of bullshit to make her interesting but I guess some people just into drama.

Im not too far from drama queen, myself. After all, we all have a fair share of drama in our personality however flawless it is. And I do tolerate that, just chose not to when I can avoid it.

I went through high school hanging around boys more than girls for that reason. Guys are less complicated. They don’t like it, they would say so (often to your face!). No sugar coating, no hidden messages.. its plain and simple.

I have been blessed enough to meet not just one but a few cool mums that I can call friends who’s cool enough to hang around minus the drama over the past years. Frankly I was very worried about motherhood and how will I fit in with other moms but life has been more than kind. Things has been great in the friends department, so cant complain much.

But yeah.. what this woman was doing was kinda high school and made me cringe for a second.

Its not the first time I forgot to return missed calls, text, emails or messengers…  but it was always cool and not a big deal. .. or is it?

Am I to thick in the manner department or woman are just drama queens? (hey! Im on of them.. so don’t star pointing your fingers at me).