Lost without you

No, that’s not a title of a romance book. It’s what I literally feel right now!

So my blog co-host who’s also my dearest friend, has gone overseas for about a week now and isn’t coming back for another week or so. Argh!!

Sure, we don’t even live in the same town and we hardly see each other in person, but I know she’s always contactable, be it by email or text. But where she’s gone, she has no convenient access to the internet and I miss her terribly!!

Funny how you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Another good friend of mine, who also lives in a different town, always complained she missed me and she didn’t like it when I go overseas. I initially┬ádismissed the complain thinking hey, it’s not like we get to see each other every day anyway. What’s the difference? Now I know how she felt!!!

Usually when I have something to tell her, be it something that happened to me, or a rant, or a funny story, the response is pretty quick. Even if she doesn’t respond, I know she’s read it. It’s like I always have her in my phone. She’s my lifeline for goodness sake! But now, even if I send her an email, I know she won’t read it straightaway. It feels like she’s gone from my phone and my life!!! Okay I’m being a drama queen.

Drama queen

Never knew that one day I would need to use that gif.

Anyway, this post just to let you know how much I miss you and that I’ve turned into melted cheese because you’re away!!!


If you’re reading this L, no, I didn’t write this cheesy post.