Light in the Shadow (by A Meredith Walters)


 “… The choices we make in your life don’t have to define us. It’s what we learn from them that’s important…”

“You are everything good in my life. Even when I thought all I had was the darkness, you were there. And you gave me something to live for. I couldn’t let you go. No matter how hard I tried. I know now that’s because to lose ou would be losing the very best part of myself”

This book is the sequel of Find you in the dark. Read this right after Find you in the dark.

The story took you on Clay’s journey to deal with his condition and to come terms with it.


Healing and Endurance. And most of all courage.

Unlike the first book, Light in the Shadow written with dual POV, giving us a glimpse on how Clay perceive everything and it makes it even more powerful as we learn to understand his thought process and his feeling.


…. Our path would never be smooth but I hadn’t lied when I said good things were never easy. And I was okay with going that hard way. Because as long as she was beside me, as long as we’re together, I knew we could face everything.

The sequel wont dissapoint you. It has a HEA ending, so its all great! I don’t think i could read it if it doesn’t guarantee a HEA. Most importantly ifs full of even more strong message of hope at the end of a tunnel. I love it!

Another 5 stars reading that i could truly say not a waste of time and worth the zombie state i was in the next day due to the lack of sleep thanks to the book.

Its not a knight shining armour saving the day kinda book, its deep and meaningful and simply real. After all, life is hardly a fairy tale. It’s all come down to how bad you’re willing to work things out for the road to happiness and this story showed that even when things seems hard and life gets tough, you could make it.


5 stars definitely! *****



Find you in the dark (by A. Meredith Walters)




“I’m not sure what’s going on with you. But I’m not going anywhere”

“Why don’t you let me decide what I deserve. Now, tell me what’s going on with you. Obviously you’re going through something and I’d like to help you if you’d let me”

The Author beautifully written this powerful story that felt real and help us to understand mental illness and how difficult the challenges that they’re facing.

I fell in love with Maggie Young straight away for the strong character, not afraid to speak her mind and has a great sense of loyalty for her friendship. Through her, I get to fall in love with Clay and all his baggage while trying to understand and accept what he faced.

Promises were easy to make but even easier to break

Its a beautiful love story of redemption, healing and courage. A very real story that brings awareness on condition that society tends to cover up and almost taboo topics for some.

I have learned that sometimes “sorry” is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change

“I’m a mess. If I were selfless, I’d make you leave. I know I’m a lot to deal with . I’m no where close to getting handle on things. But I’m not lying when i say you make me feel like I can do it. If you’re with me, I can do anything.”

romantic cute couple making love alone sad waiting tumblr kissing hugging kiss hug HD wallpapers (8)

Its written beautifully with enough sarcasm that make you smile.

I love the story.. I love the messages of the story.. Love the characters and love the author for writing such stories so beautifully.

Sometimes, love cant make everything better, and the best thing for everyone is to walk away. No matter how much it may hurt

Love! Love it!

Its a powerful story of love… Hope..among everything else! Just read it already!!

5 stars *****

Remember When (by T. Torrest)


What’s not to love when it has such a pretty cover! I started the book and of course cursing myself the next day when I only had 3 hours to sleep. Its just one of those book, once you start.. you just cant put down.

Now before I tell you what I think of the book lets share the good stuff first.

Imagine a famous actor actually sat behind you during high school. Wait,.. not just a famous actor but a HOT looking one with a great bod. (now.. that would be a dream!)

But thats pretty much what the book is all about.

Meet Trip Wiley aka Trip Wilmington on his first day at school.


“Everyone calls me Trip”

ah.. ok.. maybe he didn’t wear THAT!! but you get what I mean.

Actually.. I was thinking of Leonardo Dicaprio especially with long hair on the front, short enough at the back thing.. plus the whole Romeo and Juliet stuff.. but hey.. Young Leo just dont have a good muscle back then and Trip suppose to have killer bod. so hahahah.. so sorry for the sub. (hey.. he’s not bad!!)


“Baby, that’s half the reason I’m applying here. You need me”


Who’s going to play in the movie version of my life story (Alyssa Milano, Maybe?)

 – Sure! why not?!

Layla grew up among boys until Lisa moved in the neighborhood.  Now, I don’t know about you but I love the heroine of the book a bit tough and tomboy (ok.. FINE!! I can relate to her well.. let just  leave it at that)

So the story took you back to the 80s during high school time so you can expect a little bit of trip down the memory lane. Let me refresh your memory a bit with this.

Are you laughing now? LOL

Like I said, you can hardly put the book down once you start, and judging from most of the review, this book also the stole lots of beauty sleep of others (certainly glad Im not the only one. If i was.. then I think I have a problem. If Im just one of many.. I guess its the Author’s problem. She’s good!!)



Ok then! Enough drooling over Trip (don’t trip yourself) haha..

Its a nice realistic love story that brings you back straight to high school and you just have to read it to know what I mean.

The story’s sequel is due to come out in June (I hope earlier) and its also now available on paperback (The cover is even prettier.. in PINK).

What do I think overall? I like it enough to search for these pics and write this review.. so what do you think? of course its good. Its not over the top and just one thing Im boiling over is the fact that it took them long enough to figure things out. But then again, in high school most of us do that.

The sequel will be years later when they met again. Yes.. yes.. he’s an A list movie star. I read the teasers and its truly a tease.. Gah! I’m definitely 1-click away in June as soon as the book live on Amazon.

hmmm ratings?

I’d give 4 stars (****)  – if Trip sat behind me in high school then maybe I would bump it up to 5 stars. Too bad he didn’t.

Fighting for Flight (by JB Salsbury)


“You’re like that single wild flower that grows from the crack in the pavement; miraculous growth with no water source or fertile soil..”

Bought this book thanks to Aesta blog book as she had it on to-read list.

First impression, I thought the book would be quite serious and heavy and have no idea what to expect. I’m not into MMA and was quite hesitated to pick up this one. But boy! I’m glad I did.

I was hooked from the first page and cursed my self for starting it so late in the night knowing I wont be sleeping till dawn (again!!). I was kinda hoping the book would be boring so I can have something to read and can put them down after few page (I know! its weird!)

With a great lead, who can put the book down after all?


Yup! Jonah “The Assassin” was a total alpha male

Then meets Raven who wears Victoria Secrets lingerie but knows her way around cars too damn well.


Of course its a love story!

Now, without giving away too much (you just have to read it for yourself!), its not a trilogy, sequel or whatever that will make you wait for months before the next book available (yipeee!!), happy ending and it has everything you wanted in a book. The laugh, the suspense (oh yeah.. there is!), the drama (hmm..), the sexy bits (not overkill.. just enough to enjoy and not roll your eyes).

But most importantly I enjoyed this book not just because of the hot guy, the dual POV and the cool chick but it has the ‘dont judge the book by its cover’ concept. A tough looking guy such as Jonah could have the biggest heart of all while an ugly sinful past of Raven doesn’t mean she’s not pure.

I’d give this book a 5 star ratings!

The Education of Caroline (by Jane Harvey-Berrick)


Semper Fidelis

Five stars rating book

I bought The Education of Caroline as soon as I woke up few hours after I finished The Education of Sebastian and of course I finished the e-book the same day, almost oblivious to my kids and husband.

If I raved about the first book, the sequel is even better!


Without spoiling the whole story, the book starts at 10 years after where fate once again brought them together once again. Misunderstanding, feeling of betrayal and hurt was there. My heart really felt for both Caroline and Sebastian.

The second book took you on a journey through Europe and Middle East with lots of moments to laugh and feeling like watching a movie. There’s moments you really wish you could skip because your heart scared to know what’s going to happen (well.. mine that is).



After everything, Im glad to be able to tell you that this story has a happy ending and will put a smile to your face for days. Personally, the book makes me smiles and recalled the feeling on falling in love, being in love and falling in love all over again.

Those who loves the raging hormones on book one won’t be disappointed with book two as there’s lots of box of condoms used in this sequel (yeah.. i know! i know!.. not fair!)

Last but not least, this series makes it to my favourite book list of all time. I have re-read them over and over and still over the moon for both of them.

One thing I do hope that this book will get the recognition it deserve so I can have them on paperback and dare I hope for a movie?  *sigh*

Did I mention I love this book? … sempre e per sempre

The Education of Sebastian (by Jane Harvey-Berrick)

“Ti amo tanto… sempre e per sempre”

Its a beautiful love story that makes you forgot boundaries, age gap and places written by Jane Harvey-Berrick.

This book is actually my very first e-book that made me downloaded Kindle app and joined What can I say? I’m a book lover not an e-book lover. I love it when I can flip the pages and put them in the shelf among other great books instead of just staring at the screen.

Unfortunately, this book only available in kindle version. I actually came across this book through the author’s website for FSOG fanfic that focus more on Taylor’s POV. And after reading the excerpt from Sebastian’s POV, I was sold. I had to buy the book no matter what’s the form.

And….. Im glad to say, it was worth it!  Worth the effort, worth the trouble, worth the missing of flipping pages. ALL worth it!

With a loveless marriage and emptiness, Caroline found herself back again when she met little Sebastian that not so little anymore.    For Sebastian, growing up to a very dysfunctional family with no love to spare, he found love in Caroline.

The book made you re-think of the society and people in general. Its hard to see black and white, right and wrong and what are normal and what’s are not when it came down to love. And personally, it reminds me never to judge the book by its cover. Literally.

Almost like Romeo and Juliet, I was at the edge of my bed worrying for their love and wonder if its going to make it through. Jane has a way of writing that makes you emotionally on for the ride.

By the end of the story which i finished at dawn, I knew I had to have the sequel.

For those who’s sucker for romance, this is one of those book that will make your heart melt. With lots of witty remarks, a bit of angst, lots (Im talking about LOTS) of activities between the sheets (yeah you know what I mean) its a great journey of romance where the male character is not some young billionaire, the female lead is not young virgin and everything is at their disposal. No, this is pretty real and refreshing for a change.

And NO… you cant stop at this. YOU HAVE TO read the sequel, The Education of Caroline, to appreciate the whole journey of their love story. Don’t worry.. like I said earlier.. its WORTH it!