Fair go

With the advance technology and internet, its such a great thing to know how people can turn their dream into reality in much less complicated ways than what it takes back in the olden days.

With platform such as youtube and amazon or even blog and fanfiction site, talented individuals able to share their talents and passion with those who’s happy to acknowledge them.

Im one of those who’s happy to see Indie author making their name as well as talented singers in youtube who did a great job on establish singer’s songs.

Here’s a few of my favorites that I come to love more than the original:

A very nice rendition to the famous Gangnam Style

I never really enjoy Boa’s song but his version makes me love this song

I don’t actually thrilled about those who did a cover song and make its as if its their original by making an MV. But I like this version better than Pink’s so I’ll include this one too.

I love sam tsui and his covers, especially this one.

I like listening to music and have the lyrics handy. I think music speaks more than the actual tunes with its lyrics and knowing what the song is all about makes the song much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Thanks to internet, we all now can enjoy their talents and for them to have a fair chance in reaching their dreams. Imagine how hard it must be for them to go through all the normal channel like back in the old days. We would have never heard of Justin Bieber or Psy the way we come to know them today. (not that i actually like any of them.. lol)


Bad Reviews Vs Good Reviews

Having read many books the last few months made me excited about blogging the review and my obsession on them.

To me a review on a book shows just how much the book affected me and how it made me want to shout to the world on my new found obsession either with the story line or the characters. Often it goes hand in hand. I would love the characters and the story line although there’s few that I would just head over heels on the alpha male of the book that the ridiculous story line doesn’t even bug me.

With that been said, I also read some of “just ok” book, those that are entertaining enough to read and passing time but doesn’t leave you with much feeling than “the end”. Once you’re done, the story nor the characters doesn’t really stays in your mind. You could almost forgot what its all about after few weeks.

Then there’s books that just doesn’t jump at you no matter how hard you try enjoy and finish the story. Some books even turn you off so bad you just had to put it down and don’t bother to continue reading.

Surely those of you who read would understand what I mean. I love raving about great books or books that I just enjoyed so much I just can’t stop thinking, talking about it and re-reading it again. So don’t be surprise if most books that spent time writing about is 4 – 5 stars in my world.

But what I don’t understand is that how people could spent so much time writing a bad review.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate bad review just as I appreciate good one. When I go to Amazon for books, I would always check on the review and go for the lowest stars review to see what they say. So I do appreciate the bad review.
Its a good thing to know how bad people think of it for me to decide whether I would buy it or not. To me bad review are just as essential as the good one. It gives the balances of the book feel and you just have to decide what’s your take on it.

But what I don’t understand is those bad reviews on goodreads or some other blogs. To hate a book is a given.
After all, some like it hot..some like it not. Its all come down to preference too sometimes.

That being said, I saw people spent quite a time on writing a bad review complete with pictures and mocking stuff that in my opinion is really unnecessary.

I don’t get why people even spent so much time searching and putting together a creative way to put down a book just because they don’t like it.

The acceptable of bad review or bad ratings books in my dictionary is rate the book, explain why its bad and leave it as that.

Like I said, I do come across a book that make me feel like I want to rant it out too just because I don’t like it or even hate it but then again its all come down to personal preference. What I see as 5 stars to some might just sit at 3 stars .. And that’s cool.

The book that I was struggling with and to me more like a 2 star turned out to be so many people’s favorite. So I get it! Its just not my cuppa.

I do however don’t feel like wasting my time to even review let alone do anything about it if its that bad.

Those authors has put in a lot of time to put together a book and put it out there and let themself open to be criticise and there’s really no need to mock and make a big drama out of what you think its crap.

If only they have so much time and don’t know what to do with it other than blogging a bad review.. I would have ask them to come over and clean my house and watch my kids so I can spend time blogging a good review for a change.

But then again.. Why would I do that? They might start rating my kids and my house condition and not in a good way.


Opinion matters

After so many books with so many stories and so many dramas, it gave me lots of after thoughts on life in general.

Like stories, we all have our own stories that made us who we are and where we are today.

We’re the heroine/hero in our own story of our life. Like any good stories, there’s always a twist and moment of angst and emotional rollercoaster that makes the story even better and hopefully a HEA ending.

I then realise most heroine/hero of a popular or best seller novel.. Almost ALWAYS has a dark side. A dark background, series of unfortunate events in life, flaws and imperfection that most of the time become the important essence of the story.

As my shrink would probably say
“So how are you feeling?”
“Why do you think you feel that way?”
“What makes you feel that way?”


I FEEL I’m FEELING the FEEL to share my FEELING on those FEELINGS.

Drama queen

I came to realise that I too has a dark side. And often that part of us would create a fear and insecurities.

No matter how successful, how far you run, how good you’ve made it.. One look at your dark side would give you the doubt and make you feel vulnerable especially when it comes to love and acceptance.

We wonder if someone would understand, tolerate, put in effort for us, and most importantly won’t run for the hills when they face with our dark side.

However, like any good story, we just have to take the risk and never give up. When you find that special someone who won’t run for the hills and love you even with your dark side, you know its something worth trying and fighting for.


What could be a better illustration of that feeling than having Kelly Clarkson said it all through “Dark Side”

Having said that, I guess this will indirectly answer Dee’s question on my taste of music.

I love music that has its own story, lyrics that describe a feeling, songs that you can relate to a situation, melody that could make you cry, scream, laugh, smile and get up to dance or even sit by the window reading a book with a cup of coffee while listening to the tune.

Songs that could make your mind travel the time or places and let your imagination run free along with the tunes.

In short.. Eclectic 🙂