Play ideas for two year old toddler #2

Today is Good Friday. We had a busy morning, I’m pretty beat now but I need to write this down before I forget. We had some good play today.

1. Beach play.
My son’s been to the beach many times but I feel that he didn’t have maximum play. When it’s an open ocean, he’s usually too scared to get to the water. He prefers rock pool and the lagoon. We were at the lagoon today. It’s a great location as it’s a shallow water. I don’t like it as the water was rather polluted but I saw many kids there so obviously it didn’t bother other people. My son had a blast. I was surprise that he went to water at his own will. Combination of sand and water along with the right toys provided him with endless entertainment. Today we had: a plastic digger/dumper, a wheel barrow, spades and forks, a bucket, and a small watering can.
We first had a play at the grass area. He was picking leaves for his digger/dumper. I let him fill the watering can with the tap water and he had fun watering the grass and filling the dumper with water. Then we moved to the water. Again the digger/dumper had a lot of exercise. He run it in the shallow water. He dug sand using spade and splashed it in the water. I don’t know what else he played, he was just so busy talking and playing by himself. I ended up entertaining an older kid more so than my son as he was content doing things on his own. I think the must have item for the beach is the digger/dumper (it’s a digger and a dumper in one, I think it was a cheap plastic one from Big W) and a spade. The bucket didn’t get much use. Oh he also pushed the wheel barrow in the water and filled it with sand and water. I think as long as he has something with wheels, his imagination does the rest.

2. Baking.
I let him pour the ingredients in a bowl and he mixed it up for a bit. I then put the bowl on the floor and use the electric mixer to mix it and he thought it was the funniest thing. Then he put more ingredients in. I think he enjoys that most and the mixing with spatula. After that gets bored and wanted to wash his hands and left me do the rest.

3. Beep beep.
My husband and I were sitting on the couch with our legs up. My son walked around the couch and he went ‘beep beep!’ for us to put our legs down so he can pass through. My husband taught him to press an imaginary button along with saying beep beep. He went around and around and beeping and pressing imaginary buttons. It was fun and easy play. All we had to do was sit and put our legs down when he passes by.

4. Showering like mommy.
Instead of bathing in his baby bath, I let him shower today. He brought with him two helicopters to shower along and a small plastic bowl. After I finished soaping and scrubbing him, I closed the shower door and he had a blast in there on his own while I cleaned the sink and toilet.
He talked to the helicopters, bathed them, flied them, and stood under the shower and told me he’s showering like mommy and daddy. I let him stayed in there for as long as he liked. When he finally decided to come out, he made me towel the helicopters first because they’re wet. When I tried to dry him first he wasn’t happy. The helicopters are more important! He was very happy with his clean helicopters.

5. Acting out stories from book/tv.
He was watching thomas and in one episode one of the engine got stuck under rocks that rumbled down from the mountain. We have a story book with similar rumbling rocks and a digger came to the rescue. So I started acting out the story using imaginary rocks but he had a better idea. He poured out the wooden train tracks on an train engine pretending they were rocks, and used his digger to help pushed the “rocks” to rescue the engine. He then put the tracks back in the box and poured them out again. He did it so many times. I think acting out story is a great idea. He used to love acting out a fire engine rescuing a cat from another book.


Play ideas for 2 year old.

In the perfect world, my toddler never watches TV, I always have the time and energy to have quality time with him and provides him with stimulating activities, I’m healthy and of my ideal weight, the house always clean and tidy, I have a child friendly garden, I cook healthy balanced meals for the family every day and still go to work and bring money home.

But this isn’t a perfect world.

The reality is, my toddler goes to childcare 4 days a week, when he gets home, it’s peppa pig time while I organise his often not balanced dinner. My husband has to cook for himself, my house is in a mess, my garden is full of weeds and ants and other questionable creatures. And oh, I go to work and what I earn just enough to pay for his childcare. Oh and I’m overweight.


To make up for the lost times while I’m at work, I do try to spend as much quality times as I can with him over the weekend (fri-sat-sun). TRY is the keyword here. More often than not, he ended up plopping (is that a word?) In front of tv watching random cartoons on abc4kids or peppa pig or thomas, or whatever kids show dvd he can find in the house because I’m either 1. So tired 2. Got to cook 3. Got to eat 4. He’s just not interested in anything else I offer him. “Play car?” “NO!”. “Read books?” “NO!”, “Play cooking?” “NO!”, “Bake a cake?” “NO!”, “Go outside?” “NO!” “Playground? “NO!”, “Bike!” “NO!”, “Peppa Pig?” “YAYYYY!!!”.

Anyway, with TRY being the keyword here, I often rack my brain trying to find activities that’s different and interesting for him. Since he’s at childcare 4 days a week, things like painting, drawing, crafts, playdough, singing, dancing, playground, even baking don’t interest him anymore. Been there done that is his attitude nowadays.

So I TRY to think outside the box. Problem is I’m bad at it. I’m not the creative type, so it takes real effort to get out of that box and see what’s outside.

Sometimes however, accidentally I will find an activity that’s a novelty to him and makes him excited. Problem is, I don’t note it down, next time I need one, I forgot what I’ve done in the past and I’m back to square one. By square one I mean peppa pig.

I was looking at some photos the other day and saw this photos my husband took of me being chased around by my toddler who was aiming the garden hose at me.
Then I remember that he likes to play water outside.

So yesterday, during one of those ‘I’m so bored, I’ll just watch some peppa pig’ time of the day, I took some empty little and big containers outside, turn on the hose, take the bubble wand, and let him go nuts. I blew bubbles, he tried to aim the water to the bubbles. Then because the ground was wet, the bubble didn’t pop when it lands on the ground so he had fun jumping and popping the bubbles. Then he ‘jumped on the muddy puddles’ ala peppa. He uses the hose to fill the containers, stacks the containers, nested the small ones into big ones, poured water out, refill, etc. We spent an hour outside before it was getting cold and dark and it was time for a bath.

So my point of this post is as a note to myself to record down this fun activities so next time I WILL remember when I need it.

I hope I can write every week so I eventually have a collection of ideas.

So this weekend we did:
1. The water and bubble thing
2. Playing tent by tying bed sheet/piece of long cloth on his cot as a ‘roof’. But it became so much more than a roof. At the end it became an obstacle course for him to jump over, sit on, put things on and shake shake. He had heaps of fun with the ‘tent’.
3. Took the ride-on motorised car for a drive and taught him basic driving skill, mainly ‘look in front when you’re driving!!’ ‘Drive two hands!!’. Note to self: charge the car. The car was a birthday present from someone and I thought it was pretty useless as it’s motorised and he doesn’t get to excercise when he’s on it unlike other ride-ons. So we hardly use it but today he suddenly wanted to take it outside to drive. Turned out he ended up getting some exercise with it as it’s really meant for flat surface and it’s very slow. He ended up pushing it on the way back as it was running out of power and was extremely slow. And at some slopes it just won’t go so I have to push it. So we had fun.
4. Pushing the big tonka trucks up and down the drive way.
5. Cutting paper using those kids friendly blunt plastic sciccors. I had to hold the paper though while he cut.
6. Had a shower like mommy. Meaning stand in the shower (not in the bath). He hold a small plastic bowl and kept filling it with daddy’s shampoo and then water to make bubbles. I think I need to buy an inexpensive soap in a pump container just for him to play as daddy soon will find his shampoo runs out so quickly.

Peppa Pig: toddler’s guide to life?

I read somewhere, Peppa Pig is crack for kids. I can understand that. My master 2 yo is totally addicted. I told someone today, Peppa is his girlfriend. Everyday is Peppa this and Peppa that. Eat¬†spaghetti like Peppa, want goldfish like Peppa, sit on the train like Peppa, ride bike like Peppa, play doctor like Peppa, play hide n see like Peppa, go to playground like Peppa,¬†even his toothbrush features pink Peppa. He refuses to use the blue George toothbrush. He’s also such a faithful boyfriend. He will not watch any other pig. Not even Olivia.

You should see his face lights up whenever I say he can watch Peppa Pig. Even in his darkest mood he would give me a toothy smile.

Peppa Pig, what is your secret?