Let it go

I love the movie (it’s about not just one, but TWO princesses. How can I not like it?) and the song is soooo awesome. It’s so popular I think I know why. Other than the cool animation, the lyrics are so relatable. I’m sure everyone, at one point of their life, feels like they have to conform to what’s socially acceptable. This song is about letting go of the past and be yourself. It’s such a good pick up song when you’re feeling down or frustrated.

There are two versions of the song, the movie version by Idina Menzel and the pop version by Demi Lovato. Both equally good and amazingly give out different vibes. The lyrics are slightly different too.

In Idina’s version you can initially feel the uncertainty and nervousness but then it follows with determination and bravery while in Demi’s you can feel the pain and the sadness.


Favourite kpop acts

Category 1: Obsessed. I know everything about them, owned almost all their physical released albums.


Dong Bang Shin Ki (5 members)

Best group ever. I stopped obsessing when the broke up. They have the craziest fandom. The ‘you touch my oppa, you’ll die’ kind of fandom.


Wonder Girls

The most genuine down to earth girls in kpop. They’re nowhere near perfect but they improve every single time. They have the nicest fans. Unlike other girl groups where male fans are dominant, Wonder Girls is one girl group that probably has more female fans than male fans.


Jo Kwon(2AM) & Ga In (BEG)

My favourite We Got Married couple.  They’re hilarious!


Category 2: I follow their news and know a lot about them, occasioally buy their albums but not emotionally attached to them.



Uhm, the origin of butt dance. Need I say more?


Miss A

Wonder Girls’ fierced sisters. Great dancers, great singers. Love these girls.



Energetic performers. I watched them live once and wow, they’re amazing.


After School (before Kahi and Bekah’s graduation)

I think the first 5 member formation was the best.


Brown Eyed Girls

Such talented singers.



I love how serious these guys when they’re singing yet when they aren’t they can pass as comedians.


Girls Generation

Who doesn’t know GG?



They’re not rookie anymore but they disappeared from the kpop scenes for awhile now. What a pity.



The female half od Co-Ed. I love their songs. But now that Chanmi, the essence of this group, has left, I don’t know what has become of them.




Fair go

With the advance technology and internet, its such a great thing to know how people can turn their dream into reality in much less complicated ways than what it takes back in the olden days.

With platform such as youtube and amazon or even blog and fanfiction site, talented individuals able to share their talents and passion with those who’s happy to acknowledge them.

Im one of those who’s happy to see Indie author making their name as well as talented singers in youtube who did a great job on establish singer’s songs.

Here’s a few of my favorites that I come to love more than the original:

A very nice rendition to the famous Gangnam Style

I never really enjoy Boa’s song but his version makes me love this song

I don’t actually thrilled about those who did a cover song and make its as if its their original by making an MV. But I like this version better than Pink’s so I’ll include this one too.

I love sam tsui and his covers, especially this one.

I like listening to music and have the lyrics handy. I think music speaks more than the actual tunes with its lyrics and knowing what the song is all about makes the song much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Thanks to internet, we all now can enjoy their talents and for them to have a fair chance in reaching their dreams. Imagine how hard it must be for them to go through all the normal channel like back in the old days. We would have never heard of Justin Bieber or Psy the way we come to know them today. (not that i actually like any of them.. lol)

Cater to your needs

As Dee has stated her list of criteria that makes it to her favorite list, here’s some of my handpick of songs to suit your …ahem..criteria, after all we aim to please.

1. Song that can make you happy (by all means get up and dance. I even sort this out so you have a lead to dance along to and guarantee lots of giggle trying to do this)

2. Catchy chorus AND

3. easy to hum along AND

4. easy to remember

Well, I really tried my best to find song that tick all the boxes. I even got criteria no. 2 , 3 and 4 in one song!

Chatchy chorus (ticked!)

Borderline preschool taste (ticked!) – hmm.. its even sung by preschooler. LOL!

Might just make you go “ahhhh” and “ohhh” at your love for babies.

You certainly can hum to it and guarantee it will stuck on your head (just don’t blame me for it! you asked!!)

Its in different language (although i have to admit its kinda annoying to me. One of the most annoying song THEN and *sigh* still IS)

so without making you wait.. here it is.. tadaaaa….


So how Dee? did I please you with my song selection ESPECIALLY for you? (where is that emoticon that batted your eyelashes?)

Well.. as for me. My taste in music is very eclectic to say the least. I could go from classic to heavy metal. I tried to think of criteria but its hard to put down exactly why I like the songs that I listen to. Depending on the mood I guess.  But I do have a thing for lyrics. I’m a sentimental and romantic after all (yeah.. feel free to laugh your head off. Ha. Ha)

But in all seriousness, here’s a song that I know for a fact you SHOULD love.

(Im still waiting for you-know-what!! finish it, woman!)



SISTAR loves their bottoms

The kpop girl group SISTAR has released some great songs but I can never see them without thinking of err..their bums.

I have come to conclusion that they must love their bottoms so much that they’re featured in all their choreography. After all, one of the member admitted, her bottom has always been au natural, no padding necessary.

“Push Push”

Introducing...SISTAR's bottoms

Introducing…SISTAR’s bottoms

“How Dare You”

Rub my bum

Rub my bum

“So Cool”

Duckie bums

Duckie butt pose


"my lower back hurts" pose

“my lower back hurts” pose

“Loving U”

butt rolling dance

butt rolling dance

Before you think I left out “Shady Girls”…while the butts weren’t featured directly, one member has always been showing her bum under her dress every single time.

shaded bum

shaded bum

I have however left out SISTAR19’s choreography as it’s a subgroup and it has its own unique characteristics. Maybe in another post.

What makes a favourite song

This is Dee.

I’m quite musically challenge. I don’t play musical instrument. I did learn piano but my teacher gave up on me.

Therefore I don’t know how to appreciate music properly. I don’t know how to listen to classical music or any other complicated music like jazz or rock. When I read music or song reviews, I feel like a kindergarten student trying to read a PhD thesis. It’s beyond my comprehension ability.

A little confession: when a certain someone (read: L) emails me about this song fits this part of this story, or that she likes this or that genre of song…or she likes this song because it’s *insert some musical jargon here*, I usually have this blank look on my face O_O followed by muttering ‘gotta google that’. When I finally hit reply button, I’m usually faced with a blank email for about five minutes and then decided maybe she won’t notice if I don’t reply.

It doesn’t however stop me from listening to songs but for a song to make it to my favourite list, it usually meets a certain criteria.

1. It has to make me happy.

I don’t like feeling any other than happy. I like feeling like I want to get up and dance. I don’t like feeling sad or angry. When I’m sad I want to be cheered up by listening to songs, not being made sadder.

2. It usually has catchy chorus.

I want nobody nobody but chu!
Totally preschool taste. Yes, I like twinkle twinkle little star, rain rain come again another day, five little ducks, and so on. The reason I get along well musically with my 2 yo. Should see us singing Thomas & Friends theme song the other day.

Me: Thomas
Him: the cheeky one!
Me: James
Him: lots of fun!
Me: Percy
Him: *mumbles* on time!
Me: Gordon
Him: down the line!
Me: Emily
Him: know stuffs!
Me: Henry
Him: *mumbles* puff!
Me: Edward
Him: help and share!
Me: Toby
Him: is SQUARE! *big grin*

Hmm, sound a bit like oral test now that I think about it. Anyway, moving on.

3. It’s usually easy to hum along.

You know those songs that get stuck in your head? I usually like those type songs!
Oppa Gangnam style!! Hey sexy lady…dum dum dum
Stuck in your head? Sorry.

4. It must be easy to remember.

Those songs which tune you can remember straightaway when you hear the song title or someone mention something related to the song.
“Like this yo like this!”

5. It must not have annoying lyrics

This is why I like to listen to songs in the language I don’t understand. I find lyrics distract from the music.
Often a song has great tune but because you understand the lyrics and it doesn’t suit you, it can get annoying after awhile.
“IfyouseekAmy…” Great tune, great beat, catchy, but I’m not comfortable singing or listening to that song around my child, knowing what it actually means.

Well, that’s me! What about you? What defines a favourite song to you?