Let it go

I love the movie (it’s about not just one, but TWO princesses. How can I not like it?) and the song is soooo awesome. It’s so popular I think I know why. Other than the cool animation, the lyrics are so relatable. I’m sure everyone, at one point of their life, feels like they have to conform to what’s socially acceptable. This song is about letting go of the past and be yourself. It’s such a good pick up song when you’re feeling down or frustrated.

There are two versions of the song, the movie version by Idina Menzel and the pop version by Demi Lovato. Both equally good and amazingly give out different vibes. The lyrics are slightly different too.

In Idina’s version you can initially feel the uncertainty and nervousness but then it follows with determination and bravery while in Demi’s you can feel the pain and the sadness.


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