Drama Princess is in da house

The title says it all actually but drama princess isn’t a drama princess unless she writes lots of words. About feelings.

When you talk feelings, this is what usually comes to my mind:


I can’t help feeling the way I feel. I can’t help but feel I’ve lost you and I’m not a part of your life anymore. I know you mean nothing like that. I know you have other things in your life, I’m not angry with you at all, I’m angry with myself that I get so attached to one person that when that person isn’t available anymore, I get sad.


Look at it from my point of view. We used to chat so much. Even during the day, we’ll message about random things. Funny things kids do, what’s for lunch, how to make soup, anything. So you were a constant presence in my life. Then the instant messages die down but the emails are still there. I look forward to every morning reading what you’ve been up to, your thoughts on random things, story about your family, etc. Then even that is gone. Your life moved on, you were occupied with other things but I wasn’t. So I need to fill this gap you left and I struggle with it. I can’t help but feel empty, missing your presence, and somewhat…lonely.


I have two voices in my head: one is the drama princess who indulges in these strong feelings, and the other, the logical one who hates all things cheesy.

This is how it goes in my head

Drama Princess (Dr): my friend doesn’t talk to me anymore
Logical Princess (Lg): so? You got a kid here who would love to talk to you
Dr: I miss her, I wonder if she misses me
Lg: she’s probably just busy with other things
Dr: she doesn’t love me anymore
Lg: tumblr_inline_mpbfqxnEjy1qz4rgp
Dr: does she hate me?
Lg: No! She’s just busy!
Dr: did I say something that offend her?
Lg: don’t think so. She’s not sensitive like that.
Dr: it’s the nagging, isn’t it? I nag her too much she now hates me.
Lg: for goodness sake, stop it. She’s busy!! She’ll write when she can.
Dr: but it’s been so long

Dr: tumblr_l7odxcTnL61qabfrro1_500
Lg: get-a-life-d95efd
Dr: she_doesn__t_love_me_anymore_by_kp_shadowsquirrel-d5h9xfs
Lg: Santana_rolling_her_eyes

I’ll get over it eventually. You mean a lot to me so it just takes a bit of time. Remember the time when I meant a lot to you? When it made your day to see my emails? Well, you’re like that to me now, the role has been reversed because you used to spoil me with your attention, now I’m missing it. I think I need to accept that things won’t be the same like the way it was before and I have to find somewhere else to spend this energy on.


Argh. Drama princess signing off. Feel free to throw up in the toilet now. LOL.


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