Favourite kpop acts

Category 1: Obsessed. I know everything about them, owned almost all their physical released albums.


Dong Bang Shin Ki (5 members)

Best group ever. I stopped obsessing when the broke up. They have the craziest fandom. The ‘you touch my oppa, you’ll die’ kind of fandom.


Wonder Girls

The most genuine down to earth girls in kpop. They’re nowhere near perfect but they improve every single time. They have the nicest fans. Unlike other girl groups where male fans are dominant, Wonder Girls is one girl group that probably has more female fans than male fans.


Jo Kwon(2AM) & Ga In (BEG)

My favourite We Got Married couple.  They’re hilarious!


Category 2: I follow their news and know a lot about them, occasioally buy their albums but not emotionally attached to them.



Uhm, the origin of butt dance. Need I say more?


Miss A

Wonder Girls’ fierced sisters. Great dancers, great singers. Love these girls.



Energetic performers. I watched them live once and wow, they’re amazing.


After School (before Kahi and Bekah’s graduation)

I think the first 5 member formation was the best.


Brown Eyed Girls

Such talented singers.



I love how serious these guys when they’re singing yet when they aren’t they can pass as comedians.


Girls Generation

Who doesn’t know GG?



They’re not rookie anymore but they disappeared from the kpop scenes for awhile now. What a pity.



The female half od Co-Ed. I love their songs. But now that Chanmi, the essence of this group, has left, I don’t know what has become of them.





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