Opinion matters

After so many books with so many stories and so many dramas, it gave me lots of after thoughts on life in general.

Like stories, we all have our own stories that made us who we are and where we are today.

We’re the heroine/hero in our own story of our life. Like any good stories, there’s always a twist and moment of angst and emotional rollercoaster that makes the story even better and hopefully a HEA ending.

I then realise most heroine/hero of a popular or best seller novel.. Almost ALWAYS has a dark side. A dark background, series of unfortunate events in life, flaws and imperfection that most of the time become the important essence of the story.

As my shrink would probably say
“So how are you feeling?”
“Why do you think you feel that way?”
“What makes you feel that way?”


I FEEL I’m FEELING the FEEL to share my FEELING on those FEELINGS.

Drama queen

I came to realise that I too has a dark side. And often that part of us would create a fear and insecurities.

No matter how successful, how far you run, how good you’ve made it.. One look at your dark side would give you the doubt and make you feel vulnerable especially when it comes to love and acceptance.

We wonder if someone would understand, tolerate, put in effort for us, and most importantly won’t run for the hills when they face with our dark side.

However, like any good story, we just have to take the risk and never give up. When you find that special someone who won’t run for the hills and love you even with your dark side, you know its something worth trying and fighting for.


What could be a better illustration of that feeling than having Kelly Clarkson said it all through “Dark Side”

Having said that, I guess this will indirectly answer Dee’s question on my taste of music.

I love music that has its own story, lyrics that describe a feeling, songs that you can relate to a situation, melody that could make you cry, scream, laugh, smile and get up to dance or even sit by the window reading a book with a cup of coffee while listening to the tune.

Songs that could make your mind travel the time or places and let your imagination run free along with the tunes.

In short.. Eclectic 🙂


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