The Vow: Moral of the story

You know how we often regret of the things we’ve done in the past and think that we’ll do it differently if we get a second chance?

I’ve recently watched this movie called “The Vow”. It’s about this girls who got into an accident and woke up not remembering the more recent part of her life including her marriage and her husband. At the end, she still couldn’t remember the lost part of her life but somehow she made the exact same decision about her life all over again just like she did before the accident.

It makes me realise, a second chance without the wealth of experience is useless. So it’s no use going back to the past wanting to redo what we’ve done because even if we can, unless we remember that we’ve done it and learn from the mistakes,  the chance is we will still do the same thing all over again.

So moral of the story, never dwell in your past mistakes because they’re the most important lessons. Move on and utilise this knowledge to do better.



One thought on “The Vow: Moral of the story

  1. Very interesting point. Gotta re-read this when my brains not failing on me. Will write you my pov on your tke 🙂

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