Affairs at work

Related to the recently watched movie, someone asked me, “did you have any spark with your boss?”

I said, “No. But I understand how it can happen.”

She said, “95% of affairs happen in the office.”

Hmm. Really? Really! Wow.

I have never experienced anything close to an affair, but I think I understand how easily it can happen. Especially when you work together so closely on something and then when you achieve something together, there’s that sense of achievement that leads to the euphoria “we did it!” feeling. You feel like you work so well with each other, you admire each other, you fill each other gaps and you appreciate each other. Sounds like the feeling of…falling in love, isn’t it?

Admittedly I’ve had inappropriate dreams about coworkers a couple of times. Not always the same one but usually the one I’ve been working closely with. This used to happen in school too. When I say inappropriate, yes, I mean inappropriate, unprofessional way to dream of a colleague. I wake up blushing and want to kick the dream fairy who plants the dream in my head. And the next day when I go to work and see that person, I will remember my dream and have to stop myself from giggling like a teenage girl. Seriously, dream fairy! Come on! These people aren’t usually even my type and I wouldn’t in my right mind have any sort of affair with them even if I were single.

But see, if I didn’t know myself better, or if I’m desperately looking for love, or say if I’m unhappy with marriage, I would have easily mistaken it as being fallen in love and may pursue it.

So what’s your take on the issue?


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