Ideal Man

You ask for it, here it is. I’m not sure if you mean physical requirements or personality or both.

I’ll give you physical first

1. Sweet smile. The type of smile that lights up his face that’s so contagious and makes you want to smile, too.

Sweet smile

Sweet smile

2. Tall. But not too tall that I have to climb a ladder to reach his face.

3. Strong toned arms to catch me when I fall or just to snuggle with. But not too big or muscly which makes me feel like he can kill me in one hit.

4. High cheekbones. Those that makes his face looks innocent.

5. Must not be too pretty.

6. No curly hair.

7. Hair not too short. Not keen on military style hair. I don’t mind long tied back hair.

8. Kind eyes

Kind eyes

Kind eyes

9. Nice cute bum

ducky butt

ducky butt

10. Not too thin. I like a bit of meat. But not too big that makes me feel he can crush me accidentally.


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