SISTAR loves their bottoms

The kpop girl group SISTAR has released some great songs but I can never see them without thinking of err..their bums.

I have come to conclusion that they must love their bottoms so much that they’re featured in all their choreography. After all, one of the member admitted, her bottom has always been au natural, no padding necessary.

“Push Push”

Introducing...SISTAR's bottoms

Introducing…SISTAR’s bottoms

“How Dare You”

Rub my bum

Rub my bum

“So Cool”

Duckie bums

Duckie butt pose


"my lower back hurts" pose

“my lower back hurts” pose

“Loving U”

butt rolling dance

butt rolling dance

Before you think I left out “Shady Girls”…while the butts weren’t featured directly, one member has always been showing her bum under her dress every single time.

shaded bum

shaded bum

I have however left out SISTAR19’s choreography as it’s a subgroup and it has its own unique characteristics. Maybe in another post.


2 thoughts on “SISTAR loves their bottoms

  1. ah.. SIstar.. yeah.. quite sad really. I think their song is ok enough not to overkill with the whole bum dance. One of their song has them pretty much clean the table with their bum. LOL!! well.. maybe wiping.

    Pretty good idea actually. Looking sexy while cleaning the table and get some exercise done all in one. now.. thats something to think about! ‘

    Trouble is…. my boys will start copying and we have a whole bum on the table situation that I can’t even imagine how to explain to people if he’s doing that in public. Its bad enough he’s doing Mr. Simple dance (super junior) and WOW (BTOB) while waiting in the queue. I was laughing my head off because I knew why he did that, but I did get quite a few ‘look’ from people around me. Ahhh~~ kids!

  2. Sad? I loveee bums! Not sad not sad! HAHAHA But yeah, not exactly something you want the kid to watch!!
    The wiping table is hilarious! But that’s SISTAR19 so I didn’t include it here. You should watch eatyourkimchi review on that song.
    Gosh I love kpop. It’s all a round entertainment: music, comedy, dance, and human drama.
    Thankfully my kid only does the ants marching one by one hurrah hurrah dance at most *wipes sweats*.

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