Cater to your needs

As Dee has stated her list of criteria that makes it to her favorite list, here’s some of my handpick of songs to suit your …ahem..criteria, after all we aim to please.

1. Song that can make you happy (by all means get up and dance. I even sort this out so you have a lead to dance along to and guarantee lots of giggle trying to do this)

2. Catchy chorus AND

3. easy to hum along AND

4. easy to remember

Well, I really tried my best to find song that tick all the boxes. I even got criteria no. 2 , 3 and 4 in one song!

Chatchy chorus (ticked!)

Borderline preschool taste (ticked!) – hmm.. its even sung by preschooler. LOL!

Might just make you go “ahhhh” and “ohhh” at your love for babies.

You certainly can hum to it and guarantee it will stuck on your head (just don’t blame me for it! you asked!!)

Its in different language (although i have to admit its kinda annoying to me. One of the most annoying song THEN and *sigh* still IS)

so without making you wait.. here it is.. tadaaaa….


So how Dee? did I please you with my song selection ESPECIALLY for you? (where is that emoticon that batted your eyelashes?)

Well.. as for me. My taste in music is very eclectic to say the least. I could go from classic to heavy metal. I tried to think of criteria but its hard to put down exactly why I like the songs that I listen to. Depending on the mood I guess.  But I do have a thing for lyrics. I’m a sentimental and romantic after all (yeah.. feel free to laugh your head off. Ha. Ha)

But in all seriousness, here’s a song that I know for a fact you SHOULD love.

(Im still waiting for you-know-what!! finish it, woman!)




One thought on “Cater to your needs

  1. LMAO!! Love this!! HAHAHA I lovedddd that dur dur detre bebe song!!! I used to sing it alll the time!! HAHAHAHAHA olalabebe!
    And thanks for the SKJ, maybe instead of Zumba I should do SKJ every morning 😉

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