The Education of Sebastian (by Jane Harvey-Berrick)

“Ti amo tanto… sempre e per sempre”

Its a beautiful love story that makes you forgot boundaries, age gap and places written by Jane Harvey-Berrick.

This book is actually my very first e-book that made me downloaded Kindle app and joined What can I say? I’m a book lover not an e-book lover. I love it when I can flip the pages and put them in the shelf among other great books instead of just staring at the screen.

Unfortunately, this book only available in kindle version. I actually came across this book through the author’s website for FSOG fanfic that focus more on Taylor’s POV. And after reading the excerpt from Sebastian’s POV, I was sold. I had to buy the book no matter what’s the form.

And….. Im glad to say, it was worth it!  Worth the effort, worth the trouble, worth the missing of flipping pages. ALL worth it!

With a loveless marriage and emptiness, Caroline found herself back again when she met little Sebastian that not so little anymore.    For Sebastian, growing up to a very dysfunctional family with no love to spare, he found love in Caroline.

The book made you re-think of the society and people in general. Its hard to see black and white, right and wrong and what are normal and what’s are not when it came down to love. And personally, it reminds me never to judge the book by its cover. Literally.

Almost like Romeo and Juliet, I was at the edge of my bed worrying for their love and wonder if its going to make it through. Jane has a way of writing that makes you emotionally on for the ride.

By the end of the story which i finished at dawn, I knew I had to have the sequel.

For those who’s sucker for romance, this is one of those book that will make your heart melt. With lots of witty remarks, a bit of angst, lots (Im talking about LOTS) of activities between the sheets (yeah you know what I mean) its a great journey of romance where the male character is not some young billionaire, the female lead is not young virgin and everything is at their disposal. No, this is pretty real and refreshing for a change.

And NO… you cant stop at this. YOU HAVE TO read the sequel, The Education of Caroline, to appreciate the whole journey of their love story. Don’t worry.. like I said earlier.. its WORTH it!


2 thoughts on “The Education of Sebastian (by Jane Harvey-Berrick)

  1. As you know, due to your recommendation I started reading this book. It was great at the start but towards the middle I think it could have been better. The plot has so much potential, I wish there was less you-know-what and more events that keep you at the edge of your seat. Not that I don’t appreciate you-know-what scenes but too much of it is like eating too much chocolates.
    I’m now stuck in the middle of this book, could not stand all the cliche sweet love scenes, but then again, I have issues with cheesiness.

    I still however hope to finish this book somehow and start on the sequel as the sequel sounds promising!

    • Fair point made! 🙂
      Maybe you should beat them at you-know-what and do me a favour and get moving to the end of the book instead of hanging in the middle. LOL!!

      Yes, the sequel is very promising and worth the cheese. Its more peanut butter crunchy .. Hahahah… No cheese.

      Cant wait till you start on the sequel 🙂 and do let me know what you think when you’re done.

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